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Curriculum Vitae

I may be contacted for consulting, training or article work.

Personal Information

Name timo.jyrinki
Year of birth 1978
Place of residence Finland / metropolitan area
Contact @iki.fi E-Mail (GPG)
@gmail.com IM+Voice
Homepage: iki.fi/tjyrinki
Blog: losca.blogspot.com
Languages Fluent Finnish and English (good but rusty Swedish, some German, a little Japanese)


  Helsinki University of Technology
1999 – 2004 M.Sc. in Communications Engineering
  Major subject: Cognitive Technology
Minor subject: Digital Interactive Media

Working Experience

2011 → Own company. Consulting, contract work.
2005 – 2011 Nomovok. Team Manager & Software Developer. Rich UIs for embedded/mobile devices, browser technologies, software distribution and release management, development environment developing, MeeGo related work.
2004 – 2005 TUT / DMI & NRC. Automatic Speech Recognition and TTS related evaluation work.
2004 Nokia / NRC. Master's Thesis. Multi-modal interaction studies, laboratory and user tests setup.
2002 – 2003 Aalto (TKK) / TML. Assistant on Multimedia Tools course.
2002 (summer) Nokia / NRC. Development of language identification algorithms with n-grams and neural networks.
2001 (summer) F-Secure Corporation. Technical Writer.
1999 – 2001 Sonera Corp.. Technical Support Specialist.


2008 – 2011 Member of Steering Group at COSS – the Finnish Centre for Open Source Solutions
2008 → Debian developer
2007 (Co-)Founded vapaasuomi.fi (”Libre Finland”)
2005 – 2010 Founder and team contact of Ubuntu Finland
2004 – 2014 Media contact for the Finnish Wikipedia
2002 Chairman of board in Telecommunications and Information Technology Club TLT-Klubi
1995 – 2002 Hanging around the demoscene community, in a group formerly known as Fobia Design


(1) Perception of Small Device Vibration Characteristics - Test Facilities Setup and Study. Master's Thesis. Helsinki University of Technology, Laboratory of Computational Engineering, Oct 2004. [printable version]
(2) High Dynamic Range Images. Seminar on computer graphics. Helsinki University of Technology, Telecommunications Software and Multimedia Laboratory, May 2003.



Communities Debian, demoscene, FSF Europe, GNOME, MeeGo/Mer/Jolla, Openmoko, Ubuntu, Wikimedia
Technologies GNU/Linux on x86 and ARM platforms, human-computer interaction, multimedia, devices for impaired senses, localization, LaTeX, embedded devices, wiki technologies and content
Other Cats, music, nature, sauna, speculative fiction